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    Are you searching for the most exceptional dining establishments in Istanbul? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide to Michelin-starred restaurants in Istanbul is here to help. Whether you prefer renowned culinary masters or rising talents, Istanbul offers an extraordinary selection of award-winning cuisine.

    In the latest 2023 edition of the Michelin Guide, Istanbul proudly boasts an impressive count of 53 Michelin-starred restaurants. This accolade solidifies Istanbul’s position as a world-class culinary destination, providing an unparalleled gastronomic experience. From innovative fusion dishes to traditional Turkish delicacies, these Michelin-starred establishments showcase the city’s vibrant and diverse food scene.

    Prepare to embark on a culinary journey like no other, where each bite is a testament to the culinary expertise and artistry of Istanbul’s finest chefs. Whether you’re seeking an elegant fine dining experience or a hidden gem with a more intimate setting, the city has something to suit every palate and preference.

    What is a Michelin Star?

    The Michelin star is known as the ultimate mark of culinary excellence. Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants judged to be of a particularly high standard. One, two or three stars can be given to the restaurants that are ranked.

    Michelin starred Istanbul restaurants Quick Overview

    • 1 restaurant with two MICHELIN Stars
    • 4 restaurants with a MICHELIN Star
    • 1 restaurant with MICHELIN Green Star
    • 10 Bib Gourmand restaurants
    • 38 recommended restaurants

    Among these, Turk Fatih Tutak draws attention with 2 Michelin Stars, Araka RestaurantMikla RestaurantNeolokal and Nicole Restaurant with 1 Michelin Star. If you are after an ultimate dining experience during your Istanbul visit, we highly recommend to have a fantastic meal at these Michelin-starred restaurants in Istanbul we listed below.

    1 restaurant with two MICHELIN Stars Istanbul

    Turk Fatih Tutak – in Sisli Bomonti

    Fatih Tutak’s culinary journey has made him a prominent figure in the international gastronomy scene. He continues to push the boundaries of Turkish cuisine and delight diners with his inventive and masterfully crafted dishes. Tutak incorporates his innovative style and unique flavor combinations into the menu, allowing diners to enjoy his creative take on Turkish dishes.

    The restaurant is famous for its delicious, acidic and smoked notes, superb ravioli.

    Address: Cumhuriyet Hacıahmet Silahşör Cad, Yeniyol Sk. No:2, Sisli
    Tel: +90 212 709 56 79

    4 restaurants with a MICHELIN Star Istanbul

    Araka Restaurant – in Sariyer

    Chef Taşdemir’s remarkable ability to balance spiciness, savory notes, and aromatic tangs truly shines, allowing the remarkable local ingredients to take center stage in each exciting dish.

    You’ll find excellent fine dining with vegetables and herbs..

    Address: Kapali Bakkal Sokak No:8, Yenikoy, Sarıyer, Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 223 72 23

    Mikla Restaurant – in Beyoglu

    Mikla Restaurant is an award winning restaurant of Mehmet Gürs, located in the Beyoglu district of Istanbul, the Chef-Owner who pioneered the contemporary restaurant scene in Istanbul on the roof top floor of the fashionable the Marmara Pera Hotel. The restaurant is known for its innovative approach to Turkish cuisine, blending traditional flavors with modern techniques and international influences.

    The restaurant is known for its innovative approach to Turkish cuisine, blending traditional flavors with modern techniques and international influences.

    Address: The Marmara Pera, Mesrutiyet Str. No:15, Beyoglu, Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 293 56 56

    Neolokal – in Karakoy

    The restaurant is led by Chef Maksut Aşkar, who is passionate about preserving and reinventing traditional Turkish recipes. Neolokal’s menu reflects this vision, offering a selection of dishes inspired by different regions of Turkey. The ingredients used are carefully sourced from local producers, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.

    Neolokal strives to showcase the diversity of Turkish cuisine and highlight the country’s culinary heritage. The menu features a range of dishes that incorporate unique flavors, textures, and presentation. Each dish tells a story and offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional Turkish recipes.


    Main dishes include; Katmer & Tirit (pulled beef in duck juice, pistachio filo, colourful yogurts, tarhana cream), Grilled Seabass (Seafood sausage, potatoes, celery cream, wild mustard greens) and Lamd & Chard Sarma (apple and ‘uveyik’ wheat, lamb jus, rose pickled apples).

    Address: SALT Galata, Bankalar Avenue, Karakoy, Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 244 00 16 , +90 551 447 45 45

    Nicole Restaurant – in Beyoglu

    Nicole Restaurant is located in Beyoglu district of Istanbul and the name Nicole is inspired from mother Agnes Marthe Nicole, who healed numerous patients in this historic building that was used as a Franciscan monastery until the early 20th century.

    Nicole Restaurant endeavors to offer its patrons an extraordinary culinary journey on its elegant terrace, where a mesmerizing panorama of Istanbul unfolds. By artfully fusing the essence of traditional Turkish cuisine with an innovative contemporary twist,  aims to create unforgettable dining experiences..

    Address: Tomtom dist. Tomtom Kaptan Str. No:18, Beyoglu, Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 292 44 67

    1 restaurant with MICHELIN Green Star Istanbul

    Neolokal – in Karakoy

    Address: SALT Galata, Bankalar Avenue, Karakoy, Istanbul
    Tel: +90 212 244 00 16 , +90 551 447 45 45

    10 Bib Gourmand Restaurants Istanbul

    1. Aheste
    2. Alaf
    3. Aman da Bravo
    4. Calipso
    5. Cuma
    6. Giritli
    7. Karaköy Lokantası
    8. Pandeli
    9. SADE Beş Denizler Mutfağı
    10. Tershane

    38 recommended Restaurants Istanbul

    1. 1924Istanbul
    2. 29
    3. Aila
    4. AQUA
    5. Atölye
    6. Azur
    7. Balıkçı Kahraman
    8. Banyan
    9. Beyti
    10. Çok Çok Thai
    11. Deraliye
    12. Eleos Beyoğlu
    13. Feriye
    14. Glens
    15. Inari Omakase Kuruçeşme
    16. Khorasani
    17. Kiss the frog
    18. Koço
    19. Kubbeli
    20. Kıyı
    21. Lokanta 1741
    22. Matbah
    23. Mürver
    24. Nobu
    25. OCAK
    26. Octo
    27. Park Fora
    28. Rumelihisari Iskele
    29. Şans
    30. Seraf
    31. Sofyalı 9
    32. Spago
    33. St. Regis Brasserie
    34. Sunset Grill & Bar
    35. Tatbak
    36. Topaz
    37. Tugra
    38. Zuma
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